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Bonners Ferry High School’s teacher of the month goes to none other than Craig Anderson.   Mr. Anderson has been teaching at BFHS for 32 years now, and has been teaching in the building for longer than any current teacher.  Anderson says that he’s always been a teacher.  When he was a little kid, he always shared something that he found new and interesting with his family at the dinner table.

During his free time in the summer, Mr. Anderson enjoys biking, and kayaking with his wife.  He also enjoys snorkeling.  In the realm of domestic animals, his favorite animals are dogs.  He’s always been a dog person.  However, as far as wild animals go…Anderson really likes Tigers.  One car that he’s always wanted, or wanted back rather, is a 1976 Pontiac Ventura.

When asked if there was something that Mr. Anderson wanted people to know, he said that everybody should dream big.  “That’s what I want everybody to do,” he stated, “Believe in yourself; dream big and follow your dreams.  That’s huge.”  Mr. Anderson said further, “Always take one more step because when you think you can’t do anything else, you can just put one foot in front of the other.”  Lastly he said, “The moment; let it rock!”

Bonners Ferry High School is lucky to have Mr. Anderson as a teacher.  He has influenced the lives of everybody and encouraged students to go after their dreams.  Mr. Anderson truly is an amazing teacher, and person. 


Submitted by David Compton

BFHS Junior


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